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Getting benefits on auto, homeowners, business insurance products from The Hartford may bring consumers cheaper policies and new features. An American insurance company with a long history, The Hartford takes pride in its quality of services and many awards received for outstanding performance. It offers various insurance products, including Home, Auto and Business Insurance. With more than 205 years of experience, The Hartford is there to bring Americans one of the best insurance service sets.

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The company was established in 1810. At that time, it was a small team providing Fire Insurance. When the great fire of 1835 which destroyed the financial district of NY broke out, many insurance companies failed to respond to claims. The Hartford proved to be a company of another kind: the team managers spent their own money to cover all the expenses people wanted to be reimbursed. That was one of the events which shaped the company reputation. Also you may compare deals with other insurers like Travelers quote.

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Even Abraham Lincoln was among those who bought a policy of The Hartford. In many situations which led to immense expenses, such as the 1871 fire or the 1906 earthquake, the company was there to respond to multi-million claims.

The business was expanded with the development of vehicles. In 1913, Accident and Indemnity Company appeared to fill the gap in the automobile insurance industry. The 20th century was fruitful: the company portfolio now featured President Eisenhower, Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, and other major projects and famous people.

In 2001, which became a milestone of the American history, The Hartford paid more than 850 million dollars to cover the consequences of the attacks.

During all these years, the company has been there to maintain its quality of insurance services, and its long history proves that it’s one of the most sustainable American companies.

Products the Hartford Offers

  • Auto Insurance. The Hartford offers its unique AARP program which implies a variety of features available. It’s lifetime renewable (it remains valid as long as you can drive), premiums are locked for a year, the RecoverCare feature means you get resources for things you cannot perform yourself due to injuries resulting from an accident (you can even hire someone to walk your dog, and the Hartford will cover it!), etc. Besides, you can have your car replaced, get repair assurance, use the round the clock hotline, and join other plans which complement AARP, namely Advantage Plus (your premium does not increase even after the first accident – if you qualify (e.g. have a clean 5-year record); there is a zero deductible opportunity for drivers with clean record, etc.). The AARP program is comprehensive yet flexible.
  • Home Insurance. The company offers flexible plans enabling you not only to cover the house itself and its content, but also cases which are only related to your house. For example, if your guest gets injured as a result from slipping on your walkway, you can have it covered. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can build your own Home protection strategy that would not deplete your budget. Injuries and house coverage are implied by the AARP plan, but you can opt for such version of it that features only the type of coverage which you feel you need.
  • Business Insurance. Running a business means facing a lot of risks, which may include lawsuits, thefts, damages, and other things putting your income at risk. With The Hartford, you get such things covered. There are many ways a company can lose money. If an employee gets injured, the company liability forces it to pay for his treatment, and this money can also be covered by a commercial policy issued by The Hartford. Besides, in many states, you are obliged to have a commercial policy of this kind to run a business in this particular area. There are many options available, and you can find the one fitting your needs (for example, Income Insurance, General Liability, etc.).
  • Employee benefits. Income protection and employee benefits help to protect company employees, who are the key asset of any organization. To help people provide for their families, benefits are implied, and The Hartford aims at helping companies ensure they offer the best benefits available. Providing decent benefits does not only help retain staff members: it benefits the business itself.
  • Annuities. With the help of The Hartford financial advisor, you can invest your money in Annuities to have your funds increased and get regular income upon retirement. Since many people worry they will not have enough resources to live when they cease to work, Annuities can be an option if you are still working on your retirement plan. Annuities have become a cornerstone of retirement planning and are chosen by many Americans.
  • Mutual funds. These are designed to help Americans invest their money using advice provided by investment managers.

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