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Getting cheaper quote of AIG policy on auto, home, life or another type of insurance can be easy and fast. AIG presents itself the U.S. insurance company which is an expert in policies for individuals, families, enterprise, and business. It provides clients with a wide range of services such as Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, benefits for groups, Casualty plans, Cyber Policy, Management Liability, etc.

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AIG offers a long list of services and products to choose from, including as traditional kinds of insurance policies, so those requiring specialized solutions. Our clients are large, small, international, and mid-sized companies, which appreciate flexibility, affordability, and financial stability.

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  • Casualty is an insurance type created to assist in protecting your business from risks and handling claims as fast as possible to be timely and useful.
  • Environmental Insurance is offered to cover expenses caused by environmental changes, influence or affect. This industry-specialized coverage is of top priority for those companies being located in high-risk areas like Texas, Kansas, and Florida.
  • Group benefits are provided to address organizations, facing risks and requiring a professional support.
  • Cyber threats are seen more and more often in our modern world; therefore, this sphere is of high importance for big companies and international organizations, making strict demands to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Captive and Fronting Services are being offered by AIG for more than years. The company guarantees flexible programs to reduce risks.
  • Management Liability presents itself ideal solutions to get protection from high-level risks. This insurance will be useful as for public, so for non-profit companies and organizations.
  • Warranty is a special solution to support your clients at the time of their purchases. For the period of 30 years, the company has been selling coverages to companies all over the world.
  • Trade Credit is an amazing opportunity for those company owners who are at risk. With it, you will be protected against the risk of default as the company provides experienced underwriting capabilities and working solutions.
  • Surplus Lines can be called a visiting card of AIG since it’s the leading company in this sphere, offering solutions for big, small, and emerging risks.
  • Surety is the policy to assist you in mitigating such risks as delays or cost overruns, ensuring contractual obligations.
  • Student Insurance is needed for those studying at colleges or universities. It will give protections in such cases like sudden injuries while doing some sport, traveling or just doing ordinary school activities.
  • Property plan will become a solution in case of physical damage, vandalism or other types of harm done to your business.
  • Programs offered by the company present real solutions in many spheres of everyday life, so in 100 niche markets, you will definitely find the one which will help you in your business.
  • Professional Liability is coverage for protection of business and employees against legal actions of some third parties.
  • Political Risk Insurance goes for companies engaging investments or various types of trades since this plan covers all kinds of losses such as confiscation, nationalization, political violence, payment default, etc.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions will reduce risks in unique deals. Thus, this coverage includes representations, tax liability, warranties, and so on.

Special Offers for Families & Individuals

This section is founded for those who need to protect property, would like to start a family or plan a new trip. These coverages will go for all life cases as the company thinks of every client and his needs.

Therefore, AIG provides its customers with Life Insurance, which is an essential part of everyday life. It will assist in protecting your family, employees or other people you would like to take care of. Another plan here is AIG Direct, which presents itself the following policies: Term Life Insurance, Quality of Life plan, Whole Life policy, Guaranteed Issue Life, and some others to choose from. Travel Insurance will be highly appreciated by travelers who can’t imagine their lives without new cities and emotions. Getting Allstate quotes or from any other insurer can be an alternative solution for consumers.

Another important type of protection here is Private Client Group organized in a way that everyone could receive tailored or world-class coverage. Whatever you choose, you will get an opportunity to decrease risks and maximize a security level.

And the last, but not the least benefit is Group Benefit. The company renders a broad range of benefits, starting with employer-funded solutions and ending with voluntary offerings. Choose the one which fit you best of all by contacting one of company’s agents. They are always ready to provide you with a detailed consultation!


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