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Getting benefits and cheaper quotes on auto, home, life or annuity insurance from Prudential can be made online. Prudential has operations in the USA, Europe, and many countries of Latin America, where it offers a wide range of services such as retirement-related services, Life Insurance, Annuities, mutual funds, and investment management. Our key points of success are strong business fundamentals and core values.

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We have been assisting people in meeting their needs for more than 140 years. The company’s society was founded by an insurance agent John Dryden. At first, it was a basement office in Newark, but later on, it had become the first office to offer Life Insurance to the working class. Also, the company became known as the first one helping to cover funeral expenses with so low weekly premiums like three cents.

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For the next four years, the company has expanded dramatically by opening new offices in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia. With extremely growing sales, company’s assets reached $1 million. Having adopted another name ‘the Prudential Insurance Company of America’, it used to Gibraltar symbol to reflect security and safety offered to clients.

Since 1875, lots of things have changed, but their concept was the same − to keep the promises and offer financial stability. 140 years of company’s history were built on traditions and heritage of Life Insurance policy and management expertise. Today we offer institutions and individuals a wide range of services and insurance products.

Life Insurance is created not only to provide your beloved with money when you will go away, but give you and your relatives more financial freedom. Let’s analyze this policy in detail. Once you realize and understand your needs and requirements, it will be easier to find the right type of insurance plan.

  • Term policies. It is presented by 1 insurance called Term Life Insurance. It is a good start for those who would like to get a Life Insurance for the first time. In most cases, it reminds of leasing a car as you take it for some time period and have to pay during it. Besides, it offers tax-free death benefits, access to them, and guaranteed premiums.
  • Permanent policies. Universal Life Insurance looks like buying a car if to compare it with a previous plan. Thus, it will be with you for the rest of your life, but not for some time period. At Prudential, you can make payments beyond the cost of the insurance plan and choose the type which fits you best of all. Indexed Universal Life Insurance is another type of permanent policy, offering death benefits and a good potential to build cash value. Variable Life Insurance is the last type in this category, presenting itself protection of people you love and accumulation of cash value as well.

Annuities or retirement income strategies are to provide you with money for your life when you will become retired, help to make you protected from market downturns, offer a kind of tax-free investment, and present death benefits for those you love. It means that you invest money into portfolios, where it accumulates with the time. When you retire, your investment generates into a stream of regular income payments.

Also, Prudential provides its clients with the financial education and useful tips to earn their living. For instance, if you’re interested in managing living expenses, getting mortgage and paying for it or just need a living strategy, you may turn to this company or get AAA quotes. There is no such issue that Prudential won’t help you to cope with.

Services for Advisors

The company is ready to help those who would like to become a real professional in the insurance field. With it, you will easily advance your profession and career.

  • Build your own professional team by helping clients from all over the USA in struggling against a difficult economy.
  • Discover your opportunities in life by opening the world of Life Insurance policy, being not only timely, but affordable for everyone who feels need in them.
  • Assist your customers in coping with challenges regardless of the stage of retirement they are on or their past working experience.
  • Realize your goals by guiding your clients and helping them in achieving their dreams. Prudential mutual funds and market insights are at your disposal.
  • Offer total retirement solutions with an easy access to innovations.
  • Become a member of group insurers and see our workplace solutions.

All these and many other services are available at Prudential points. Compare quotes of Prudential with various insurers online, save getting stability in your future by receiving a help of our professional and friendly agents.


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