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Get more benefits with Amlca auto insurance quotes. Being both amiable and American in its name and nature, Amlca is the solution you can opt for if you need a reliable insurance provider. The three major fields of the company operations are life, auto and home policies, but you can also find here more products such as Marine Insurance, Business Insurance, etc.

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Characterized by flexibility and variety of rare options, Amlca products include:

Life ins. Both term and whole life insurance policies are available for purchase. At Amlca website, you can find a calculator with the help of which you can find out what the cost of your life-insurance-policy-to-be will be. As its name suggests, term life policies remain valid for a certain period: Amlca offers the terms of 10/15/20/25/30 years. The premiums are not subject to be changed during the policy period, and the amount of money to be paid will remain level. The coverage amount does not reduce along with your aging: up to 95, you’ll get the same coverage. Amlca life policies include a variety of options such as terminal illness rider (enables you to get part of the benefit in case of getting terminally ill), child insurance, affordable living adjustment riders, accidental death insurance, and much more.

Auto ins. As well as offering standard coverage, which includes liabilities, personalized car coverage, and coverage for those driving the car and accompanying the driver, Amlca offers a special plan called Platinum Choice Auto: it enables one to use extra features such as prestige rental coverage, special conditions for those who drive safely, ID fraud monitoring device, and full glass coverage. Among the unique or rare Auto Insurance features offered by Amlca are no deductibles for replacement/repair of an air bag which was deployed, for lock replacement in case of key theft or loss, for glass repair (provided there’s no need for replacement), and for depreciation (applies to cases when a new car owned for less than a year is considered a total loss), and one thousand dollars for bail bonds. Towing/labour is included in the roadside assistance service.

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Home Insurance. Customizable plans developed by Amlca make it possible to get comprehensive Home Insurance that includes attached/detached structures coverage, living expenses faced in case of your home becoming uninhabitable, theft, credit card loss, liability coverage options, etc. There are special options which you can opt for if you feel the need to; these include catastrophic damage coverage (earthquake/flood), belongings replacement (no matter what level of depreciation there was), scheduled property coverage (for furs, stamps, jewelry, etc.), and special dwelling coverage which is automatically increased by thirty percent in case your home rebuilding costs exceed the policy limits.

Condo ins. The aim of the policy is to cover the legal responsibility of the policyholder and his/her property that is stored within association-owned buildings. Fixtures, appliances, improvements, and all other things implemented and brought into the house by you are covered by a condominium policy. Among other options are debris removal, living expenses reimbursement, credit card loss, etc.

Renters ins. The policies for renters which Amlca issues are affordable and can even cost less than twenty dollars a month. Within the limits of renters policy, you can get reimbursement for damaged/lost belongings, expenses arising from liability, loss of use (when you can’t keep on living in the rented apartment/house any more), property lost while being away (including credit cards), scheduled property reimbursement (for valuables), and even computer coverage applicable to tablets, laptops, phones, and PCs.

Marine protection. Owning a boat or a yacht is associated with significant expenses faced in case of damage, failure, loss or other accidents. The policy coverage remains valid regardless of whether your vessel is on land or on water. Towing is also included. Discounts apply if your boat is equipped with a diesel engine and built-in fire extinguisher, if you complete a special safety course for boaters, if you opt for automatic payments, and if you go paperless.

Wedding&Event ins. Holding such an event is a challenge, and Amlca offers a policy that enables its holder to cover cancellations due to extreme weather, vendor bankruptcy, non-refundable deposits, and parks/museums/estates that do not provide their clients with liability coverage.

Among other companies like Esurance insurance Amlca services are small Business ins, Motorcycle Insur, Retirement protection, and Umbrella policies. With the rating of A+, Amlca’s there to offer its clients policies that are flexible, affordable, and diverse in their coverage capabilities.


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