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Ensure you have proper auto, home or life insurance quote with Esurance. Offering Vehicle Insurance services is the primary field in which Esurance specializes, yet its service range is not limited to vehicles only: insurance of all kinds of vehicles (including but not limited to motorcycles, car, PWC, cars, boats, golf carts, etc.) are accompanied by such products as homeowners, health, pet, life, flood insuranceб and other options. Despite the specialization, the range of products/services enables us to call Esurance a comprehensive insurance provider.

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Since the company has Vehicle Insurance as its primary field, there are a number of vehicle types which can be insured. However, the specialization does not mean other fields are neglected: Esurance strives to provide high quality services regardless of area, and this approach enabled it to be rated A+.

Homeowners Ins. The policy described in this section covers liability (property/injury), belongings protection, and structures coverage (you can insure both the attached and detached structures related to your home). The variety of cases to which the policy applies includes damage done to your structures resulting from malicious mischief, natural disasters, aircraft, explosions, heating/plumbing system freezing, riots, fires, snow weight, etc. Besides insuring your dwelling, you can make your policy cover other structures: the basic limit makes up ten percent of the dwelling coverage amount, but it can be adjusted to imply full cost reimbursement. Should you be forced to move out because of a covered issue, you will also be provided with living expense reimbursement. Other basic features are water backup, family liability coverage, possession coverage, med coverage for guests, and fire department fees reimbursement. As extra features, you can opt for building codes expense coverage, ID theft, and more.

Renters ins. There are four major aspects of Renters policy: injury/damage liability, belongings coverage, extra living expenses, and med payments. These are included in the basic pack. As extras, there is possessions replacement cost coverage, earthquake coverage, drain/sewer backup, and custom coverage riders which you can compile by making a list of jewelry, watches, and other special things you want to insure. Get cheaper the general quotes or the similar esurance to save on monthly premiums.

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Condo ins. The standard policy covers liabilities of different kinds (injury/damage), property coverage, and extra living expense coverage. Among the factors which shape the policy cost are weather risks, coverage amount/type, the policyholder-to-be’s credit rating, deductible amount, claims history, and possessions value. Within the framework of Condo Insurance, you do not insure the building itself, but all its parts belonging to you. Also it is possible to save with combined policies such as car & home protection.

Flood ins. The kind of policies in question does not to apply to cases when preventable water damage was made (such as mold, for instance). As to coverage, a flood policy enables you to get reimbursement for damage done to your house (electrical systems, foundation, detached structures, stoves, permanent carpeting, fridges, windows, etc.), including debris removal and belongings coverage (curtains, air conditioners, clothing, equipment, etc.). The reimbursement amount is calculated based on the original price (reduced by an amount shaped by the item depreciation).

Segway policy. Though it has only two wheels, segways are vehicles too, so they share the same vehicle policy features: collision/comprehensive coverage, med payments, liability, underinsured/uninsured motorists, and extra equipment coverage (such as reflective labels, etc.).

Health. These flexible plans can include surgery, pharmacy costs, doctor visits, hospital bills, lab fees, and X-ray. Although, it can also feature vision care, as well as dental treatment, mental care, and other options.

Umbrella ins. This policy makes it possible to expand the limits of commonly seen liability coverage, thus making it easier for you to handle lawsuits and other issues in which basic policies are not enough.

Life policies. There are three kinds of life policies Esurance offers: term, whole, and universal life policies. You can opt for a policy that covers a period of 1-30 years (it’s term life insurance) or you can covert it to a universal/whole life policy. These imply more features, but also cost more.

Pet coverage. The plans you can choose include the Gold pack, the Silver one, and the Bronze one. The basic one (Bronze) covers just $10,000 for vet bills, whereas the most expensive pack features boarding kennel fees, loss, pet death expenses, vacation cancellation because of pet health issues, and more.

Cell Phone ins. You have finally got your iPhone X you’ve been dreaming of since it was announced. With Esurance, you’ll be able to have it covered to get reimbursement for damage or loss.


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