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Consumers always look for huge benefits & cheaper quotes on auto or home insurance from The General companies. For those who still think they cannot drive again due to DUI conviction history or poor driving record, there’s good news – The General is here to help drivers who are considered by many other providers to be ‘high-risk’. Besides the challenge to get an opportunity to obtain an auto policy (it’s a quest which can exhaust a lot of people as getting the needed document is quite a tedious process), most carriers set very high rates for ‘high-risk’ auto owners.

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The General sticks to another principle: instead of regarding the elderly as dangerous drivers, they believe that age means experience, so such drivers deserve a reasonably-rated policy; instead of refusing to forgive mistakes, they offer special conditions for those whose driving record is not perfect.

Those who had their driving licenses suspended must file a special form called SR-22. Like almost any other thing related to documents, it can be a very difficult task. The General can help such drivers submit the required paperwork without making them worry about whether they filled in the forms correctly. All the services offered by The General are legal, so there are no tricks – the company will just make the process easier and clear for you.

Despite specializing in issuing policies for drivers who made mistakes, The General is happy to have clients whose driving records are clean. Insuring several drivers under the same policy can even result in being offered a discount. This special discount is designed to offer an auto policy at a reduced cost for those who have several drivers listed on the policyholder’s The General policy. Yet there are requirements to be met: in order to qualify, all drivers must have had a clean driving record for no less than two consecutive years, five years of driving experience (or more), and pass an accident prevention course which is in the list of courses approved by The General.

There’s a discount which is quite unique and specific of The General: it’s called Double Deductible. Under its terms, you can double your deductible to be met in case of comprehension/collision coverage for 45 days. Actually, the ‘the-higher-the-deductible-the-lower-the-premiums’ principle is widespread, and this offer enables a person who decides to sign a contract with The General for the first time to reduce the costs right at the very moment of signing. If a person wants it, he can use the option for the period the policy remains valid.

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For households with several vehicles, there’s a multiple car discount. If a policyholder lives with a relative or a spouse having a car, he can also insure other cars. In order to qualify, the person owning another car belonging to your household must live in the residence where the policyholder lives, and be a relative by marriage or by blood. It means that a person will not be able to get a discount if he lives with a friend who has a car too: only relatives/spouses are eligible for the discount.

Another way to get a discount is to list all the people who will be allowed to drive your car: such an approach enables the company to check their driving records and assess the risk, so listing fewer drivers means fewer chances that the car will be damaged. If all the drivers you list have clean records, The General will not increase your premium because of the possibility that some unknown drivers will have access to your car, so you will get a discount by means of eliminating this element at the stage of cost shaping. Note that all drivers must have clean driving records!

As to services, The General offers term life insurance and auto policies. The specialization of the company makes it special, and the affordability of rates for drivers who have accidents/violations in the driving record is one of the reasons it is popular. The General even offers an additional discount for people keeping records clean – even those who made a mistake can become good drivers again if they have a sincere wish to do so, and the insurer helps such drivers do it by offering auto policies at reasonable prices.

There are plenty of reasons why The General’s services may come in handy: being considered a ‘bad driver’ can result even from lapses in your standard Auto Insurance. Being younger than twenty and older than seventy years old is also associated with increased costs which are often difficult to pay. The General helps find a solution that would help you get an opportunity to drive legally again without selling all your property to get a policy. Another case is those who have never had an auto policy before: for them, rates are generally high too. The company in question has developed products among which almost any driver can find the option that fits his needs.

For those who want to avoid mistakes that were done in the past and become a better driver, The General as well as USAA insurance are those companies which can help do the best things with better protection.


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